Just Imagine

2014. 10.

Here is a little imagining game for you, which is perfect for understanding how the digital sand animation works.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – said Picasso. Lets try it!

Everybody knows the violin clef from the music sheets; this is a very popular and decorative symbol. Now, try to imagine that a sand drawing begins with this music symbol and after less than a half-minute becomes a musician people playing the trumpet by the hand of the artist. This is the classical sand art. One figure is coming from the others.

But when this picture is finished, happens a surprising digital action: suddenly a group of little musical notes start to fly out from the trumpet.

If I am making the show for example in an event of a well-known company, I can change the music notes to company logos or products and these are coming out from the trumpet.

If I take part in a Christmas party I can use flying candy canes, gift boxes or sweets.

It can depend on the wish of the client. I can personalize and combine my shows with every kind of company branding, logo, title, photo or other wishes. Anything you can imagine.