Me, the sand, and the animation

2014. 11.

Firstly, I would like to make a short introduction about myself and my art.

My name is Lajos Vegh. I'm an artist. I've been painting ever since I was a child, but I’ve always loved trying new technics, and I’ve been looking for new possibilities all of my life. I found and I began to practice sand art about eight years ago when I invented the equipment that I use in my performances.

Everybody liked to play with sand when they were children. It seems that I got stuck at that stage. But, actually, this is a good thing: not only am I probably the only father in the world who's got an entire show to perform in the sand pit for his one-year-old, but I can also remind grown-ups of what it used to feel like to play with sand, which the most of us have forgotten about.

So I feel that the sand art or sand animation means a return to the carefree play of my childhood. This play supplemented by my equipment expands the “sand pit” and creates a new colorful, animated visual world, which is full of possibilities.

In my next post you can read about what means the denomination Digitalsand.

Till then here is a video selection, enjoy it!