Time Travel in Budapest

2014. 10.

Have you ever walked in Budapest of the early 20th century?

Horse-drawn carriages, old cars, big-hat ladies with parasol, coffeehouses, old style club-life and bars…

This atmosphere is recalled and moved in today’s clubs and the music festival stages by Budapest Burlesque. The speciality of the formation is that songs are inspired by over a 100-year-old hits. They combined the timeless musical themes and rhythms with 21s century musical engineering technologies and visual effects to create this modern swing sound and visual experience.

“The music of today is all created from the sounds of the past” – they profess. Actually, this is true from the point of view of the fine arts. Perhaps this is the reason that I feel close The Budapest Burlesque’s music to my own artworks. A classical material mixed with the modern computer technology gives this special feeling to the show, just like in case of the digital sand art.

You can take part in a real audio-visual time travel, if you watch my new sand animation video clip made for Budapest Burlesque. Its main subject is the homour and of course, the old Budapest.  I’m not joking: almost you can smell cigarettes and ground coffee beans at the old boulevard, and what is more you can see skimming the carriage of the actual beauty contest winners…

What the hell? It will turn out if you watch the video.

The song titled Love Affair was a famous hit from the Michael Eisemann’s Black Pete operetta from 1946. Now you can listen the refreshed version performed by Gabi Szűcs, the producer and resident performer of the show is Dj Jutasi, the sand and video animation made by me, Lajos Vegh.

For more information, and event news, please visit the Budapest Burlesque Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/budapestburlesqueshow