Other Videos

Piroshkas Dream

Fashion video made by Budapest based label Piroshka with hungarian folkdancers. The collection was a finalist in the fashiondesign competition: Gombold Ujra! in Hungary.

ÍRNI – INRI | Miklós Radnóti, Erőltetett menet (Forced March)  

Directed by Lajos Vegh, this film was made in cooperation with fine artist Simon Csorba for the Radnoti Remembrance Year (2014). The film was premiered at Csorba s exhibition opening in the Petofi Museum of Literature in November 2014. 

The Labyrinth of Rites 1-3.

Playing together as art and self-recognition -- a performance series with fine artist Simon Csorba 

Coronis the Nymph

The Male Archetype

Aphrodite, the Female Archetype