Videoclip Order

Sand animation videos

Do you  want to show the public  a really unique sight, seldom seen before? Something that everybody watches with amazement, curiosity, or even a happy smile?  Try our videos;  they are versatile instruments in creative marketing.

There are many imaginative uses of sand art that can efficiently help you to business success

Website intros & animated banners

From a few seconds to several minutes length. Pouring sand, using pictures and video clips, we bring your products and your logo alive. 

Product presentations with music, company introductions, advertising videos

Artistically composed, unique visual using with sand drawing, photos, video clips, and other creative images and a musical soundtrack. A combination of original technique and artistry can convey an effective message with a strong emotional impact.

Once we have presented a brand-supporting sand animation show, at your request we can make a film out of selected images, consulting you about the selection and the length. From then on, you can freely use it at trade fairs, at your own store, or in social media.

Nexons 25 years anniversary, Palace of Arts, Budapest, 2014

Age of Marketing Heroes, 26th National Marketing Conference, Budapest, 2015

Animations for stage plays or concerts, or commercial presentations

Sand drawing can enhance the artistic or promotional effect of your own shows or presentations. Whether playful, emotional, or surprising, these moving images or little stories are always a creative means to make your shows unforgettable.

Gabi Szűcs, Kis Neszek videoclip, 2015

Csík Band, Happy Birthday!, New Year Concert Syma Hall, Budapest, 2014

Brass in the Five, Christmas Present, 2009

“Video Postcards”, animated cards for weddings, festive days, anniversaries or any kind of special events 

We convey your message in a short and spectacular video complete with music. This is a completely unique and compelling way to invite or greet your friends and acquaintances. (From € xxxx.)

Contact us, and check out our offers for sand art videos. Each offer is adjusted to your own needs, depending on the length and the material we use.  We can respond within one workday!

IdealMED, Advent Charity Gala, invitation card, 2015

Dunapack Christmas Greetings, video postcard, 2013

Zwack Christmas, video postcard, 2012

Look for our professional masters of animation if you want to present your message in a lovable and memorable way!